Finding Cheap Rental Homes in Jacksonville

Cheap Rental Homes in Jacksonville
Cheap Rental Homes in Jacksonville

Sometimes when the dollar is a little bit tight you have to be careful how you spend it and typically the largest amount of money you spend in the month is going to be on your home so if you’re looking for property in Jacksonville you want to find cheap rental homes in Jacksonville.

Just because a home is cheap to rent in the Jacksonville area does not mean is a bad place to live or is in a bad neighborhood. It just means that the rental price is lower than market average and you may very well have just come upon a great deal. Landlords are more concerned about the property they own being lived in by a good tenant who pays the rent on time than making a large score every month on the amount of rent the collect.

Common business sense when you’re renting cheap homes Jacksonville area indicate that it is a better business model to have a steady tenant paying steady rent and to have property empty at periodic times and have to deal with new rental applications on a regular basis. The time spending showing the home, the time spent checking out the tenants and the time spent cleaning up after somebody moves out is valuable and costs the landlord a lot.

So where do you find cheap rental homes in Jacksonville? Well there are a lot of places one can look for an inexpensive rental home or apartment in the Jacksonville area. On the north side, there are plenty of very nice homes in great areas at fair prices. Some of those homes may be a little bit older but they are nice nonetheless. You could very well end up in a neighborhood with families have been taken care of their homes for years and want to keep the neighborhood up like that. Of course, if you rent a home like that in a neighborhood in the north side of Jacksonville you need to take care of the home as well.

Over on the west side you have some great areas where you can find great deals on rental homes and as they say in Jacksonville the west side is the best side. Off of 103rd St., off of Jammes road, out off of I 10 and Chafee Road are just some of the Westside areas as well as if you were to creep down towards Oakleaf and some of that area you’ll find great deals on rental homes that are inexpensive and in decent areas.

The South side has some interesting areas where there some older homes and the rentals are very cheap. The neighborhoods are fine although some of the streets themselves need some updating. But the city of Jacksonville is working on improving those streets so you very welcome and up in a great situation with the rental home over in that area.

One area that people felt a look at because it has a bad reputation is the Springfield and Eastside area. That area has undergone a renaissance over the past two years and some of those homes are just plain gorgeous as well as being relatively inexpensive for the quality of home you get. The neighborhoods are fine, the crime rate is down and the people in the area are concerned about making sure that Springfield and Eastside comes back the way it was back in the day. The rentals are going to be a little bit cheaper there but I doubt they’ll stay that way forever.

So if you’re looking for cheap rental homes in the Jacksonville area or want to get a cheap rental apartment check out some of those areas and be sure to say you found their home on our website.